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Report Announcement from Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research:

The Cost of Building Out 5G Wireless Is Not as Bad as Some Think

November 13, 2018 – St. Louis, Missouri – Business Wire – Estimates suggesting that 5G networks will be too expensive fail to consider that operators have a wide choice of deployment strategies, that recent regulatory changes ensure small cells can be built and operated economically, and that operators can make extensive use of existing infrastructure. That is just one conclusion of the 71-page, second edition of Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape, a collaborative report released today by Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research.

“Wireless operators have different 5G strategies, and our report shows how they can leverage factors such as spectrum and cell density to achieve specific coverage and performance goals,” said Peter Rysavy, co-author of the report. “We also examine the cost of building 5G infrastructure, various financing options, and the viability of 5G fixed wireless broadband business models given different deployment scenarios,” he added.

The second edition of Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape adds a section on mid-band spectrum deployment and capacity (and how it will spur new business models and devices). There are also new sections on the cost of 5G infrastructure and 5G business models. The updated and expanded report now features 38 tables and figures.

Peter Rysavy has tracked the capacity and capabilities of wireless networks since the early 1990s. Rysavy Research assists clients in defining strategic directions, conducting market research, and deploying wireless applications. More information is available from the firm’s Web site at

Datacomm Research Company is a leader in tracking, analyzing, and forecasting emerging telecommunication markets. The company has published pioneering reports for more than 25 years.

Additional conclusions in Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape include:

Many estimates for the cost of building 5G networks overlook selective deployment options, and fail to consider likely small cell price reductions and performance improvements over time. Competition to provide 5G infrastructure will be fierce, and operators are under intense pressure from investors to control spending and debt.
There are viable business models for 5G-based fixed wireless broadband service. However, the viable models require close attention to variables detailed in the report. For instance, operators should concentrate initially on areas with sufficiently high home density.
Mid-band spectrum doesn’t have the capacity to compete head-on with cable, but it could provide all-in-one service (phone, Internet, and TV) for busy, cost-conscious Millennial and Gen Z customers based on higher data allowance plans (60-100 GB/month).
The second edition of Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape is available for immediate delivery in PDF format. Prices start at $1,990.00 (new pricing as of April 18, 2019). The report may be ordered from the firm’s website at Major credit cards and PayPal accepted.