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Report Announcement from Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research:

The Cost of Building Out 5G Wireless Is Not as Bad as Some Think

November 13, 2018 – St. Louis, Missouri – Business Wire – Estimates suggesting that 5G networks will be too expensive fail to consider that operators have a wide choice of deployment strategies, that recent regulatory changes ensure small cells can be built and operated economically, and that operators can make extensive use of existing infrastructure. That is just one conclusion of the 71-page, second edition of Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape, a collaborative report released today by Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research.

“Wireless operators have different 5G strategies, and our report shows how they can leverage factors such as spectrum and cell density to achieve specific coverage and performance goals,” said Peter Rysavy, co-author of the report. “We also examine the cost of building 5G infrastructure, various financing options, and the viability of 5G fixed wireless broadband business models given different deployment scenarios,” he added.

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New Datacomm Research Report:
Why Isn’t the Drone Market Taking Off?

New Study Identifies Multiple Fixable Problems

April 18, 2017 – St. Louis, Missouri – The U.S. drone industry has hit an obstacle: The Federal Aviation Administration. Little progress has been made since Congress directed the FAA to accommodate commercial unmanned aircraft five years ago. The FAA is keeping the drone industry occupied developing solutions to problems that don’t yet exist. Congress should limit the FAA’s jurisdiction over drones and give greater authority to the states. That is one conclusion of Datacomm Research’s new 115-page study, A Roadmap for Drone Market Growth, 2017-2025.

“The potential global market for drones is huge and the U.S. should be leading the way, but the FAA’s bureaucracy, timidity, and one-size-fits-all rules are preventing the industry from getting off the ground,” said Ira Brodsky, author of the report. “The FAA wants the industry to develop a comprehensive solution for managing skies filled with drones, when what the industry needs first is experience serving customers while ensuring safety and privacy. The best way to accomplish that is to allow local communities to decide when and where the benefits of drone use outweigh the risks,” he added.

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New Datacomm Research Report:
Bluetooth Beacons Will Spawn $10 Billion Market by 2020

Disposable Beacons Will Create Explosive Demand for Software and Services

June 2, 2015 – St. Louis, Missouri – Bluetooth beacons are changing the way people shop, work, and play by linking places and things in the physical world to the Internet. However, beacon sales are only a small part of the opportunity. The big money will be made building beacon ecosystems. That is one of the conclusions of Datacomm Research Company’s new 127-page study, Bluetooth Beacon Business Opportunities, 2015-2020.

“We identified thirty-two different markets for Bluetooth beacons cutting across diverse applications including shopping, manufacturing, maintenance, and advertising,” said Ira Brodsky, author of the report. “All of the indicators suggest that Bluetooth beacons will be very successful. Many vendors are betting that Bluetooth beacons will play a leading role in revitalizing retail store sales. Some have found compelling applications in areas such as facilities management and mining. Others believe that Bluetooth beacons will help consumers keep track of keys, remotes, children, and the elderly,” he added.

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New Report from Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research:

How 5G Wireless Will Alter the Competitive Dynamics Between Mobile, Cable TV, and Wireline Service Providers

August 1, 2017 – St. Louis, Missouri – Business Wire – Leveraging millimeter wave spectrum, small cells, and the higher spectral efficiency of 5G, mobile operators will achieve the capacity gains needed to successfully compete with fixed broadband service providers. That is a key conclusion of the 55-page report, Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape, released today by Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research.

“Our research indicates that 5G networks have the potential to leapfrog the capacity of cable operators’ HFC networks,” said Peter Rysavy, principal author of the report. “We show how to calculate the throughput per square kilometer for wireless and cable networks, and analyze all of the key variables,” he added.

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New Datacomm Research Report:
Restaurant Chains’ Mobile and Online Revenue Will Triple Within Five Years

Retailing Increasingly Demands Dual Online and Physical Presence, Integrated Marketing

May 20, 2014 – St. Louis, Missouri – You can’t download your dinner, but you will order food, pay checks, and do much more with your smartphone. That is one of the conclusions of Datacomm Research Company’s new 118-page study, Good Food and Drink and Connected Technology, 2014-2019.

“The restaurant business is going digital,” said David Strom, co-author of the report. “Online ordering is generating billions of dollars of business for chains including Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. Mobile payments account for a significant percentage of Starbucks’ revenue. A growing number of restaurant chains offer electronic gift cards and rewards. And chains such as Chili’s and Applebee’s are deploying tablet computers to all of their tables,” he added.