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New Datacomm Research Report:
Bluetooth Beacons Will Spawn $10 Billion Market by 2020

Disposable Beacons Will Create Explosive Demand for Software and Services

June 2, 2015 – St. Louis, Missouri – Bluetooth beacons are changing the way people shop, work, and play by linking places and things in the physical world to the Internet. However, beacon sales are only a small part of the opportunity. The big money will be made building beacon ecosystems. That is one of the conclusions of Datacomm Research Company’s new 127-page study, Bluetooth Beacon Business Opportunities, 2015-2020.

“We identified thirty-two different markets for Bluetooth beacons cutting across diverse applications including shopping, manufacturing, maintenance, and advertising,” said Ira Brodsky, author of the report. “All of the indicators suggest that Bluetooth beacons will be very successful. Many vendors are betting that Bluetooth beacons will play a leading role in revitalizing retail store sales. Some have found compelling applications in areas such as facilities management and mining. Others believe that Bluetooth beacons will help consumers keep track of keys, remotes, children, and the elderly,” he added.

Bluetooth Beacon Business Opportunities, 2015-2020 includes an Executive Summary describing the opportunities and challenges in three key areas: retail shopper engagement, asset tracking and maintenance, and the consumer mass market. There are chapters focusing on why indoor positioning is hot, the diverse strategies of leading vendors such as Apple and Google, and technology trends in retail marketing. The report contains 29 charts and figures. More than 50 early adopters and 100 vendors are briefly profiled.

Additional highlights from the report include:

Bricks-and-mortar stores must make dramatic changes in order to survive and prosper given the rapid growth of online sales. Bluetooth beacons are essential to a retail store automation strategy that promises science-based shopper interaction, leaner staffing, and more effective anti-theft measures.
The strategies of leading vendors are in flux. Apple’s iBeacon approach currently dominates the beacon market. Google’s UriBeacon concept is complementary but it urgently needs support from leading browsers. Facebook and Samsung have identified unique strategies, but their commitment is unproven.
Datacomm Research Company is a leader in tracking, analyzing, and forecasting emerging technology markets. Bluetooth Beacon Business Opportunities, 2015-2020 is available for immediate delivery in PDF format and sells for $490.00. A corporate-wide license is available for $1,290. The report may be ordered from the firm’s website at or orders may be faxed to (314) 667-3010. Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal accepted.