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3 Business Website Pages You Can Improve To Boost Conversion Rates On Each Of Them

3 Business Website Pages You Can Improve To Boost Conversion Rates On Each Of Them

No matter what type of business web designers are asked to build a website for, there will be common elements that are included in every website. That will extend to certain pages too. For example, all websites have a home page which is the page visitors land on when they enter the website’s main URL in their browser, or when clicking through from a search on Google.

Other pages that you usually find on most websites are a page with the terms and conditions of using the website, a privacy policy page, an “About Us” page, and a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page. Often, business owners will give little thought to these pages as they do not think they offer anything towards converting visitors into prime leads or customers.

However, the exact opposite is true, and if a website’s owner were to take some steps concerning how these pages are designed and the content which goes into them, they will find that these pages can indeed help conversion rates on their website. In particular, three common website pages are often given little thought and they are the FAQ page, the “About Us” page, and the “Why Choose Us” page.

Below you have details of each of these pages, and how these can all be turned into high converting pages.

Frequently Asked Questions Page

There are several reasons why you want an excellent FAQ page. The obvious one is that it helps your visitors get answers to questions they may have, the answers to which might be enough to convince them to purchase, or at least to provide their details for a follow-up.