Psychological Triggers

10 Psychological Triggers To Improve Conversions On Your Website

10 Psychological Triggers To Improve Conversions On Your Website

We are going to discuss a subject that can not only help web designers boost their income, but when it comes to designing websites for clients, it will also give insights as to how they can maximise the performance of their website too. The subject in question is website conversion, and specifically some of the psychological triggers that can turn a website visitor into a buyer. Here are ten of them.

Psychological Trigger #1 – Scarcity

People hate the thought of missing out on something, or equally love that they are getting something few others can have. You might show a countdown to a date and time when your special offer ends, or highlight you have a limited number of discounted website designs available.

Psychological Trigger #2 – Anchoring

Believing that the price of something is high, and then being offered a lower price, even if only slightly lower, can induce a prospect to buy. This can be facilitated by displaying the prices of your very highest priced web design services which include all the extras.

Psychological Trigger #3 – Authority

More than ever, customers want to know they are dealing with a business that has authority, even if that is only a perceived authority. You can show authority by publishing testimonials and any badges relating to industry associations and organisations you are a member of.