Who Is The Best SEO Company In Australia?

Suggesting that any single company is the best at anything is a bold step, even more so when you state that they are the best in Australia. However, having assessed both the services they offer and the results they have achieved for their clients, we can only conclude they are the best SEO company in Australia, SEO Perth Experts.

We do not expect you to accept that at face value, and in truth, neither would we. However, if you read on, you will discover why we have come to that conclusion and, more importantly, provide you with the evidence that backs up our conclusion. However, before that, it might be best to give you some background on SEO Perth Experts and the man behind them.

Who Are SEO Perth Experts?

As the name suggests, SEO Perth Experts are based in Perth, Western Australia. They form part of a larger digital marketing company called Slinky Digital, meaning they can access resources that many smaller SEO agencies do not have. Both Slinky Digital and SEO Perth Experts are 100% Australian-owned, and their founder and managing director is Peter Brittain.

Peter Brittain is one of the most respected and sought-after digital marketing and SEO experts in the country, and he has built Slinky Digital from a single office in Perth into a company with digital marketing agencies across the country, including Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Brisbane.

How SEO Perth Experts Have Transformed Local Businesses

To fully appreciate the track record that SEO Perth Experts have achieved, you must understand what SEO is. SEO is how a company’s website can improve its rankings on Google and other search engines so that when somebody searches for the services and products they offer, their website is one of the first that appears in the search engine’s results.

To achieve this takes skill, knowledge, expertise, considerable resources and, in most cases, a reasonable amount of patience. The reason for patience is that Google does not simply give a website top rankings overnight. It is a gradual process requiring a systematic approach and a carefully crafted strategy, and this is why SEO Perth Experts have been so successful.

For them, blackhat tactics and trying to trick Google into short-term, unsustainable results are not an option. Instead, they apply all their expertise and experience to ensure that when a company’s website does achieve top rankings, it can maintain them for its long-term benefit. Unfortunately, not every SEO agency or consultant has the same honest approach to SEO.

Ethical And Professional

For SEO Perth Experts them taking shortcuts and trying to “game the system” is not an option. Why? Well, apart from being unethical, it is those sorts of tactics that put a business’s website a risk. If Google has even the slightest highest indication that a business is trying to trick its algorithm (and believe us, they are extremely able at finding out) the only place a business’s website’s rankings are going is down.

This is why, due to Peter Brittain’s high ethical standards, when SEO Perth Experts make commitments in terms of how they are going to improve the SEO and the ranking of a client’s website, that client can be assured that far from Google penalising their website, they will instead reward it with ever-increasing rankings and ultimately the #1 position for keywords which means more traffic and more customers.

SEO Services From SEO Perth Experts

SEO is not a single service but a collection of them. This is another reason SEO Perth Expert’s clients see results because it brings together resources, expertise, and experience from a broad spectrum of its staff who all contribute to the overall result. This gives clients the best of both worlds because they have specialists working on their SEO whilst at the same time are benefitting from the larger resources which SEO Perth Experts has at its disposal.

Another key benefit of working with SEO Perth Experts is that they provide clients with a bespoke SEO strategy that matches their needs rather than a “one size fits all” approach. This ensures that each service they implement has the maximum impact on results, and that means higher and faster rankings for their clients.

Examples of the individual SEO services that SEO Perth Experts provide include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Content Optimisation
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Metadata Optimisation
  • “Google My Business” Set Up And Optimisation
  • Social Media Management
  • External Backlinking Strategy
  • Analytics And Reporting

One of the additional services that clients most often give SEO Perth Experts praise for is their dedicated project manager. This is an SEO expert appointed by Peter Brittain, who oversees a client’s entire SEO campaign. This allows the campaign to be fully coordinated and, most importantly for clients, gives them a single point of contact should they ever need to discuss their SEO with anyone.

What Clients Say About SEO Perth Experts

As well as giving them praise for providing them with a dedicated SEO project manager, clients of SEO Perth Experts have given them many more plaudits for the SEO services they have provided. In addition, there are countless case studies where SEO Perth Experts have given local businesses a huge boost in traffic, customer numbers and ultimately, revenue, thanks to their SEO strategies rocketing them to the top rankings on Google.

Another key point to mention is the diversity of the companies that SEO Perth Experts have produced results for. They have worked with companies in just about every sector you could name, including stone masonry, fibreglass pools, fire protection, landscaping, family lawyers, removalists, dental services and even an indoor axe-throwing venue.

Specific results have been included.

  • Increasing a dental practice’s traffic by 193%
  • Moving a landscaping company’s website from page 7 to page 1 of Google
  • Increasing the organic traffic to a landscaping company’s website by a massive 408%
  • Enabling a natural stone supplier’s company to be in the #1 position in Google for its main search term

Additionally,  SEO Perth Experts has received lots of praise from their clients

“We have seen wonderful results”

“SEO Perth Experts has been a fantastic asset to our digital marketing strategy since 2016″

“We started with no rankings and traffic and quickly grew by being on the first page in the top positions”

Perhaps the most telling praise of all…”We have now been working with Peter and the team for many years and will continue to use their services for many years to come!”

We are sure you will agree only the best SEO company in Australia could produce all those results and receive all that praise.