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New Report from Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research:

How 5G Wireless Will Alter the Competitive Dynamics Between Mobile, Cable TV, and Wireline Service Providers

August 1, 2017 – St. Louis, Missouri – Business Wire – Leveraging millimeter wave spectrum, small cells, and the higher spectral efficiency of 5G, mobile operators will achieve the capacity gains needed to successfully compete with fixed broadband service providers. That is a key conclusion of the 55-page report, Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape, released today by Datacomm Research and Rysavy Research.

“Our research indicates that 5G networks have the potential to leapfrog the capacity of cable operators’ HFC networks,” said Peter Rysavy, principal author of the report. “We show how to calculate the throughput per square kilometer for wireless and cable networks, and analyze all of the key variables,” he added.

“This report is an essential business planning tool. It identifies and quantifies the applications driving today’s demand and likely to drive demand tomorrow,” said Ira Brodsky, President of Datacomm Research. “It also explains how the wireless industry will meet the challenges associated with millimeter wave propagation and small cell siting,” he concluded.

Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape includes an Executive Summary answering 12 critical questions discussed at length in the report. There are 20 tables and figures detailing data consumption by application, the 5G standardization and deployment schedule, the capacity of 5G and DOCSIS (cable) networks given realizable assumptions, and a forecast for small cell growth in the U.S.

Peter Rysavy has tracked the capacity of wireless networks for many years. Rysavy Research assists clients in defining strategic directions, conducting market research, and deploying wireless applications. More information is available from the firm’s Web site at

Datacomm Research Company is a leader in tracking, analyzing, and forecasting emerging telecommunication markets. The company has published pioneering reports for more than 25 years.

Additional conclusions in Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape include:

Though 5G technology is a threat to cable operators, cable operators have an upgrade path of their own. This includes both extending fiber deeper into the network and/or using 5G technology instead of coax, especially in greenfield deployments.
The average household consumes significantly more data per month than the average mobile user today, and household consumption is likely to multiply over the next decade as ultra-high definition video and virtual reality become popular.
Broadband Disruption: How 5G Will Reshape the Competitive Landscape is available for immediate delivery in PDF format and sells for $2,970.00 (new price $1,980.00 as of Jan. 5, 2018). A multi-user license is available for $4,490.00 (new price $2,990.00 as of Jan. 5, 2018). The report may be ordered from the firm’s website at Major credit cards and PayPal accepted.