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New Datacomm Research Report:
Why Isn’t the Drone Market Taking Off?

New Study Identifies Multiple Fixable Problems

April 18, 2017 – St. Louis, Missouri – The U.S. drone industry has hit an obstacle: The Federal Aviation Administration. Little progress has been made since Congress directed the FAA to accommodate commercial unmanned aircraft five years ago. The FAA is keeping the drone industry occupied developing solutions to problems that don’t yet exist. Congress should limit the FAA’s jurisdiction over drones and give greater authority to the states. That is one conclusion of Datacomm Research’s new 115-page study, A Roadmap for Drone Market Growth, 2017-2025.

“The potential global market for drones is huge and the U.S. should be leading the way, but the FAA’s bureaucracy, timidity, and one-size-fits-all rules are preventing the industry from getting off the ground,” said Ira Brodsky, author of the report. “The FAA wants the industry to develop a comprehensive solution for managing skies filled with drones, when what the industry needs first is experience serving customers while ensuring safety and privacy. The best way to accomplish that is to allow local communities to decide when and where the benefits of drone use outweigh the risks,” he added.

A Roadmap for Drone Market Growth, 2017-2025 includes an Executive Summary identifying the factors driving and inhibiting growth in the hobby, professional, enterprise, and transport segments. The report details dozens of applications, describes the leading proposals for managing drone traffic, and explains why flight endurance and payload capacity are critical to market growth.

Additional highlights from the report include:

Segregating the airspace for unmanned and manned aircraft is a better starting point than integrating the airspace. Most commercial drones fly short distances at low altitudes. Most manned aircraft travel interstate, cruising at altitudes around 30,000 feet. Sense and avoid and situational awareness solutions will evolve as the market grows.
Opportunities are being missed for using drones to not only inspect infrastructure, but to assist installations and repairs. Needed are larger, more capable unmanned aerial vehicles.
Datacomm Research Company is a leader in tracking, analyzing, and forecasting emerging technology markets. A Roadmap for Drone Market Growth, 2017-2025 is available for immediate delivery in PDF format and sells for $970.00. A multi-user license is available for $1,490.00. The report may be ordered from the firm’s website at Major credit cards and PayPal accepted.