Report Titles

The following is a partial list of reports published since 1990:

Wireless Local Area Networks (1991)

Wireless Local Area Networks (1992)

Portable Computers & Wireless Communications (1992)

Portable Computers & Wireless Communications (1993)

PDAs, Personal Communicators & Mobile Companions (1995)

CDMA Wireless Business Opportunities (1998)

Bandwidth Bonanza (1998)

Portals to Profit: E-Commerce Business Models & Enabling Technologies (1999)

Bandwidth Bonanza: High-Speed Internet Access Technologies, Markets, and Vendors (1999)

IP Insurgency: Internet Infrastructure and the Transformation of Telecomm (1999)

Internet to Go: Annual Report on Mobile Computing & Communications (1999)

Power Play: Solar Electric Technologies, Markets, and Vendors (1999)

Satellites in Cyberspace: Opportunities for Internet-based Satellite Ventures (1999)

Wireless Web Wonders: Opportunities for Smart Phones & PDAs (1999)

Battle for Cyberspace: How Technical & Political Decisions Can Affect Your Internet Venture (2000)

Five Keys to A Successful Mobile Satellite Business (2000)

Global CDMA Business Opportunities (2000)

Voice of the Internet: Opportunities for Voice Portals & Voice ASPs (2000)

Firms in Flux: Creating Successful Telecom Combinations & Spin-offs (2001)

Wireless Streaming Media: Markets & Business Opportunities (2001)

Digital Dwellings: Technologies & Business Opportunities for Small Networks (2001)

Globalstar: Third Party Business Opportunities & Strategies (2001)

Bluetooth In-depth: Applications & Strategies (2001)

Digital Cameras: Markets, Technologies & Opportunities (2001)

Mobile Voice Portals: Applications, Challenges & Opportunities (2001)

Public Wireless LANs: Challenges, Opportunities & Strategies (2001)

Third Generation Wireless: Business Models & Strategies (2001)

Storage Area Networks (2002)

E-Learning Business Opportunities & Strategies (2002)

Winning Business Strategies for Mobile Games (2002)

UMTS at the Crossroads: Strategies for Success (2002)

The Evolving Mobile User Interface: Strategies for the Wireless Internet (2002)

Life Science Informatics: Strategies & Business Models (2003)

Wireless LANs and Cisco’s CCX: The Battle for Network Security (2003)

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO: Opportunities, Challenges & Competitive Strategies (2003)

Wireless Instant Messaging: Propelling SMS & Desktop IM to the Next Level (2003)

Mobile Movies: The Market for Short Videos on Small Screens (2003)

Asian Wireless Briefs (2003)

Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks: Opportunities & Illusions (2003)

Mobile Feature Phones: Consumer & Business Market Segments (2004)

Wireless Machine-to-Machine: In-depth Study of Applications & Vertical Markets (2004)

Hard Numbers & Experts’ Insights on Migration to 4G Wireless Technology (2005)

Wireless LANs: Opportunities & Challenges in Home Entertainment, Voice and Public Access (2005)

India’s Wireless Market: Model for the Next Phase of Global Wireless Expansion (2005)

MIMO, Smart Antennas, and Interference Cancellation Technology: Markets & Strategies for Wireless Enhancement (2005)

Mobile Advertising: Opportunities & Illusions (2006)

Mobile Phone Evolution: Critical Answers for the Next $100 Billion in Sales (2006)